Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Call Beating the Bushes: Scientology's possible role in Psychiatric abuses

Oz …. dear, dear Oz …. what is your FAVORITE mechanism to “grow” ?

make your own need

carve your own disease and create your own cure? what is even MORE dastardly than that?

yes folks!

they’re 3 moves ahead!

it has been determined …. by a whopping board of ONE

that Scientology has been beating the bushes.

what is the BEST way to ENSURE membership? to GUARANTEE folks come flocking to the protection

of waiting arms?

You enforce, if not CAUSE the element that gets them flocking! now….

totally unsubstantiated

no evidence but this:

i nearly dropped in my drawers when i saw the headline! the BRAGGING rights:

“we have been fighting psychiatry and big pharma for 70 years!”


then why isn’t it DEAD? there are enough holes in THAT ship, that it should have sunk itself.

and so you get beating the bushes. not ONLY a probable beating of those bushes … i might guess a wager of PLANTING, GROWING …. and harvesting the bushes.

it’s the only thing that fits.

modern Psychiatric methods didn’t just come by its sinkable nature …. it was built to sink

the decoy duck

the question to their own answer. and so you get individuals that turn into multitudes

flocking to a grouping …. you create a “push” into the grouping that you wouldn’t otherwise HAVE.

yep. and what better WAY, than to PICK what KIND of members you WANT?

brightest and best

perhaps ones with even specific physical traits

you see ……….. Sheridan and ALL my family, friends …………. when i had ACCESS to the book “Dianetics” at a flea market 20 years ago: i didn’t buy and read Dianetics.

Because 10 years prior to THAT, i read Battlefield Earth. the entire series.


they are THREE moves ahead. Beating the bushes. THAT is why aren’t going “whole hog” on the anti-psychiatry work. selecting it all, not ONLY too carefully — but pulling their punches.

you know i have studied it all:

my conclusion is that the Church of Scientology has funded and guided the directions of Psychiatric care in the Western world and other countries, since Scientology beginnings in 1951. THAT the abuses, various forms of devised torture WITHIN psychiatric practices: were constructed by the Church of Scientology for the end goals of CREATING a market for their sister-branch CCHR.

THAT particular interest in establishing– or beating those bushes in Utah …. has been shown, and a reasoning for higher numbers of Utah-state funded psychiatric programs and Utah’s higher rate of psychiatric pharmaceuticals such as Prozac.

i submit my deductive evidence to President of the United States, Barak Obama ……..and the Legislature, as well as the court Justices within the Supreme Court. yes, that appears “crazy” …. but it puts their names as tags within this document and flags it.

acting as the ONE opposition to Psychiatric practices, CCHR places themselves in a position to defend it.

and THEN get groups such as Anonymous to PUBLICIZE Scientology in a “pulled punch” that does not effectively hit evident holes or weak-points. when i found CCHR also ADVERTISING Anonymous …… i knew the truth on that.

Scientology then set up the video, and smear campaign …. to close the trap. to usher those abused by Psychiatry into the net of their “protection” from such Awful creatures! how do i know?

because the trap wasn’t sprung sooner. all the HOLES for arguments AGAINST psychiatry have BEEN THERE all along. they didn’t just magically show up NOW.

yep ity yep yep yep.

Jesus H. Christ ……………. i don’t know what to do with any of you. BUT i find it ODDLY coincidental, that the SAME therapist i had years ago in salt lake, came back to work here within a MONTH of my signing up at mental health again. THEN she wishes to retire — and the DOCTOR …. the one BEFORE….just happened to come back to Salt Lake to live and be my “doctor” again.

yes folks ……. i’ve been giving them their “moves” to attack “psychiatry” …. pointing out the holes so they can pretend to go after them, and do so while pulling their punches just enough, to keep the industry and practice alive to create “more victims” of psychiatry which subsequently “flock” to Scientology when they are ready.

i by NO means assert that i am the ONLY one giving them information on exactly where the holes in psychiatry ARE. but they do that to make sure there aren’t any they missed while constructing it.


too convoluted to be believed? oh the tangled webs ….. but they aren’t my making. they are all Oz.

Friday, December 24, 2010

there's a fairly good show on, on the show Nova .... it's the latest on from few months back on economics and perception. they try to make an argument for a "get it now" ideology ... bird in the hand sort of thing. but that's wrong. if you tell a person you will give them a hundred dollars in a year, or if they want, you can give them $102 in a year and one day .... they will choose the second. but if you ask them if they want a hundred dollars now, or $102 tomorrow, they will ask for the $100 now. and the show tries to make an argument how that is an illogical choice when it is not.

has to do with the abstract value of money being combined with the abstract idea of TIME. and not for reasons of "give me now, tomorrow i may be dead" as the limp theorist they employ seems to believe. no ... the reasons to choose $100 now over $102 tomorrow, are that when factored by TIME, you have a choice of either receiving $51 dollars a day for your time .... or $100 a day. $100 today IS the more logical choice. NOT "appears to be."

waiting is seen as the equivalent of "working" .... there is no distinction between leisure and industry, for time is time and the action does not determine the duration realized.

applying the same view to a wait of a year for $100, or a wait of year & day for $102 ---you're looking at about $8 a month wage, which is how the brain "quantifies" the 'time' of 'wait.' then, adding a day for $2 extra, makes that one day jump from $8 a month 'wage,' to $60 dollars a month. the extra day does not 'add to the wait' so much as it increases the wage RATE. like a boss saying, i'll pay you 7 times your regular wage if you'll work just one more day.

the simple reason, is not rational verses irrational behavior. the difference is between working man verses non-working. the difference is between those making REAL money, and those who live to inject more 'ghost-money' into the economy. and then the reason those who work for their money are suckered, is because as a rule the industry in our society pay employees AFTER the time is given, not before. so the set-up implying no-faith in the worker, is ALSO the psychological plant for creating a factoring process in the brain that precludes distinction between leisure verses 'working' TIME.

when TIME becomes an element of the equation, to compute leisure verses working doubles the amount of computation necessary. the human mind will say screw it, and make time time.... no matter the activity.

therefore, someone like your brother, who makes $100,000 a year, will actually spend less TIME on the phone with YOU, because you are unemployed and seen as having "less-valuable" time. after all, he has 'things' to do, and you have nothing better to do than WAIT.

the reality is not perceived at all .... that since you are not SELLING your time for a specific amount, that means you are NOT indentured. that means your time HAS NO PRICE: it does NOT mean that your time has no value. what makes time valuable?

some would say spending it with friends and family, some say it's a walk in the woods. how valuable was the time Da Vinci, for example .... when he paused for two minutes to doodle the sketch of an airplane?

CAN you apply a set value to TIME? the answer is, you can't. unless a "complete destruction of man" is set as a DATE for the 'ends of all things' .... there is no determining factor for how valuable someone's time BECOMES.

even the time spent fucking ....... and i'm SERIOUS. how VALUABLE is the TIME of Da Vinci's parents, when they TOOK the time to procreate in order to BIRTH that individual?

you cannot separate these things .... and the average person perceives the nature and continuity. so it is not so much as the brain being "lazy" and a person refusing to distinguish leisure from working time.

the reasons go deeper. down, not up. for anyone with half a brain looking at the bigger picture -- the answer is "why bother?" and you come smack dab up to the "meaning of life." what IS comfort? can you EVEN experience comfort, if not first experiencing 'uncomfort.' (notice webster doesn't give us that word ...allows only 'discomfort' which makes it so you can ONLY take comfort AWAY. gives it a starting point that in reality it DOES NOT HAVE).

so our language, even ... is reinforcing our misperceptions. and the reality is that you CANNOT even experience true leisure, without working first. is the opposite true? that you cannot experience true 'working' ... without having leisure first?

then we go deeper ... and slam up to our REASONS for child-labor laws. what are the DIFFERENCES in 'economic-thought' of those who grow up working on a farm, for example ... to those who play and go to school in a city?

a better question ... is WHICH one would YOU want at your back, if you all had to go march off to war together?

and a REALLY interesting question ... is that, in the psychology of a human, does work as a child make for a more discerning individual in an adult? and the POINT for child labor laws .... which incidentally, arose at the same time in our history as the pyramid economic scheme and the robber barons. AND approximately on the heels of the 'invention' of psychology itself......could the REAL point of sending children to school and play for their TIME use, to be to create a more compliant workforce?

so i find it quite interesting, that the VERY design of the economists to 'engineer' a working force for industry in this country ... is the same damn thing they are now attacking and placing the blame on WORKER for maintaining the misperceptions that THEY planted.

it's like ..... what are you going to do NEXT, hit me over the head and blame me for having a skull that damaged your hammer?

gotta remember, folks ....... this was all set in motion by the generations that brought us TWO ........not ONE .......step right up! they brought us TWO wars. and in a time, no less .... where it took a boat to travel the distance. you are looking at a generation span that more historical impact than EVERY other before it back to before Christ.

and NOW ...... we're having to clean up their mess. and i don't know IF we can. as far as "reason" ...why them, why now? we have the 'industrial revolution' the 'chemical revolution' the various strides to foster innovation.

but we also have 2 main factors in human psychology: the introduction of cocaine. AND the creation of a public school system.

take your pick.

and then ASK yourself, why do we have LAWS on the books from centuries back, making suicide ILLEGAL.

how do they plan to arrest a dead man? so if you TRY, you damn well better succeed. if we did NOT currently have that type of legislation in place ........ what kind of 'occurrences' would be required for a legislative body to convene and MAKE suicide illegal?

gotta remember, these people aren't stupid. if ANYTHING, the human (specifically caucasian race) was brighter generations back. not dimmer. just because they weren't getting on their cell phones to call their boss, doesn't make them STUPID. because i can guarantee you, that the LEAST of our predecessors, would NOT need a law to prevent them from getting on that phone in the car.

they would just SEE it as foolish, and not do it.

so ...............we have generations now, of INFERIOR humans, trying to clean up the mess made by those who were a good 50 points or better in IQ range. anybody ready to call uncle?

and THEN, the few who are left with a smattering of brain cells .... decide to use that to blame economic disaster on the WORKING man and the "obvious" conclusion the "he is just not SMART with money" and that the REASON you don't get to eat is because you couldn't figure out how to press a penny up to a glass window.

now, am i pissed? extremely. you all made your mess .... you clean it up. that's what i want to say. but they are NOT cleaning up ..........what does america DO? we IMPORT other cultures then, to run them through the SAME rat maze after our own native citizens got worn out trying to find the cheese. AND we put THAT forth as some altruistic endeavor. AND we crush anybody who does not play ball with our economic engine. AND we figured out how to harness the very thing that took down the LAST bad world empire, and make the principals for HAVING religion a psychological fortification for the very thing, it was created long ago to FIGHT.

so .....if i create one more "so" i'm going to fall into a so-tangent of infinity. the point is, that MONEY is abstract, and TIME is abstract. you are TOLD what they mean. when engineered in meaning TOGETHER .... what you have is genocidal brainwashing.

why i have worked at attacking TIME: because against money, we already lost that war. going the greater distance, is not going to make us understand that TIME does not exist. it is a figment of your imagination ....... you were NOT born with a clock sewed into your forehead. someone INVENTED the clock.

AND it's based on the INVENTION to measure DISTANCE .... the mechanics are identical. and then they "WOW" the populace with "scientific" connections between distance and time! i mean .............. come the fucking on ........ how much more does this societal 'information-machine' expect the average "thinking' person to believe and swallow?

it leaves us with NOTHING. the only reality you can then trust, is whatever discoveries can be singularly made. we are at square ONE. man hits stone on rock, makes spark and starts fire. and what are the PRESCHOOLS now toting as the optimal teaching mechanism? personal investigation of environment.

developed in italy ........... the people who BROUGHT us crucifiction in the first place. Merry Christmas.

now .... ditching THAT particular fun tangent i couldn't resist, here is the rest of my article:

so we are looking at differences of those who "visualize" the abstract idea of money as something earned for their time ...... verses those who perceive money as a means to power. has nothing to do with rational/irrational ... if anything, choosing the $100 today does not "appear" to be the rational choice .... it IS the rational choice. so they got that wrong.

and the experiment to show how bidding on a $20 dollar bill winds up with some interesting results .... it's not the "competition" variable that created the scenario. it was a matter of math again .... over time. the one that stopped the bidding and took the loss, was able to do the math. and see that continuing the bidding was creating an equal loss for each of them. he was thinking in a group dynamic, verses the other male who was not.

had nothing to do with "irrational" behavior or attitudes toward money ...and everything to do with the meaning of true intelligence. the results of that experiment only proved a strong sociological difference in protecting ones fellow man as it relates to the brain-calculation function. can understand how the one who kept bidding, would rather lose the $8.00 than $28.00. but could he SEE, that no matter how hard he tried, working for less of a loss INDIVIDUALLY only made for MORE of a loss, jointly?

but he couldn't do the math and see that the other could stay in the game, and they would always have a $20 diffence in loss. there WAS no competition. the only variable that changed was the increasing loss for each individual if they continued to foolishly bid.

since conditions of the game allowed for no variance in the difference ... "winning" would prove nothing of individual worth or skill .... so it's not a worthwhile game and a waste of time. the look of dejection on the face of the 'loser' was not because he was broken up over paying $28. it was because, that for $28 .... he didn't even get a REAL contest.

so the one guy lost $8 and the other guy lost $28. does that make either one a "winner?" what you are seeing are DIFFERING perceptional values of negative numbers. and the abstract value of money as a measure of HUMAN value, which creates "worth" into a matter of 'differences.' (on this we get struggles for society to 'conform' due to ANY difference being tied to a negative) technically, there is no such thing as a negative number. you can't sit there with 3 apples, have someone tell you they are going to take FOUR apples away from you and leave you with MINUS one apple.

it's not reality .... it's a type of abstract thought. so DEGREE does not pertain to negative .... a loss is a loss. there IS a bottom. you cannot fall infinity into debt. you either have one, or you don't. it's a singular degree of finite value. once the bidding scenario passed the point of either one experiencing a GAIN, they both lost equally, while the instigator never risked ANYTHING. at the initial bid of $10 for twenty, with the rules that were in place, you have him getting full price on first bid. he doesn't even HAVE to have the $20. you just gave him that $20, that he is then selling BACK to you for whatever can be gotten. he doesn't care when the bidding stops. the fact that there IS bidding is all that is necessary.

the important point of that experiment, is the notion of 'complicity.' with an economic 'game' of this sort, you don't need TWO suckers. you only need one. and then the "winner" of the bid is given a "commission" from the instigator. now ask yourself ......... what do realestate agents DO?

what happens in the mind of a person who perceives the REALITY of numberic quantification, over the abstract principals currently ruling our economic ideologies?

like once i'm dead, then Capitol One can get their fee out of my cold dead body. but saying i owe them "negative dollars" makes no sense to me. having that total go MORE negative ... makes no sense to me. all they are doing, is making it impossible to simply pay back the original loan amount. for the purpose .... and this is the interesting catch these days .... that a promissory note with all that interest and fees tacked on, is WORTH more to them than the actual return of the money they loaned you in the first place.

using a "debit" and "credit" ....two column accounting system: how is it, that in our LANGUAGE, a "credit" is considered a 'good' thing ......and a "debit" or debt ...... a BAD. when for accountants, the DEBIT is the money IN, and the 'credit' is the money OUT. so now we have "credit cards" and "debit cards." with essentially NO difference. they are BOTH money out for the user. BUT, only ONE is money IN for a third party? not really, because HAVING an account WITH a debit card is giving your money to SOMEONE ELSE to HOLD. then, they can use it for whatever THEY want, with the only stipulation that when you ASK for it, you get it.

as the "use" of held funds increased, the NEED to charge overhead fees for "banking service" disappeared. there are enough using the service, that the bank can guarantee continual USE of those funds - especially with the advent of computers to calculate where and when.

so they want to hold onto the promisary note ... showing that degree of an asset. my ability to see a "credit card" (good=money in) as someone saying here, take this "free money." because that is what it is, right? or not free money, but it WAS free goods. how you spend that is the actual determiner.

but that perception by the 'average citizen' to take a credit card and use the money without paying EXTRA for the goods they ALREADY have (it IS the more logical choice) ...that logic is used AGAINST their wielders, and gives a lending company like Capital One a 1000% profit per loan over 10 years. how much false assets you think they got on the books?

simple acceptance by an individual when offered 'free' money .... results --because of our legislation and economic legal practices ..... in a profit over time for the lending company REGARDLESS of actual recompense on the loans themselves. UNTIL, the balance tips to where there is more 'ghost money' in our economy than real money. it is a very solid line.

when this business practice was discovered, that's when you got every po-dunk company and their brother's uncle starting a credit card company and ASKING people if they would like to borrow money.

people forget ... that until then, nobody would solicit someone else to loan them money. that was a stupid thing to do. the person needing a loan goes to the lender.... not the other way around.

the farmer needs $100 to fence his land ... he goes to the bank and asks for the $100. the bank doesn't go to HIM, asking him if he could USE a $100, because gee wiz, his fence is looking pretty shoddy right now.

so what you get, is we ARE selling money ....for money. and those buying money, for money, are simply paying more of their net worth for their goods.

you want to blame somebody .... is it the jews? the germans? the english bankers? the masons....knights of columbus .... drunken frat boys?

is it a coincidence that every math-teaching principle is geared to create a perceptional deficit within those who consider group dynamic? and question of the day, ARE those ones the lines of nobility that carry elements of stewardship and governance for the proper continuance of a PEOPLE .... over the individual or single-family protective qualities?

in the financial markets .... and today's economy .... are we witnessing a very different sort of "french revolution." and this time, when they take the tower ... is it going to be a hole in the ground, instead?

because that's what we got. two of them.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

face-blindness tied to shock-therapy: a note to the future

that’s pretty scary….

CBS news is saying 1 in fifty people “have” face-blindness.  where a person can’t recognize faces readily.  or they mistake strangers for people they know.

they want the ‘public’ to be ‘aware’ and be ‘tolerant’ of this ‘terrible’ disease.

well ……… I’ve met a LOT more than 50 people in my life.  and the ONLY time I ever met one with “face-blindness” –the one single time—was a man I knew who was very disgusted with this side-effect after having SHOCK THERAPY.

he confided in me that would walk up to people and say hi! to them, only to realize he didn’t even know them.  that those he cared about, would look like strangers.  it was very distressing for him, but he continued with the treatments.

shock therapy appears beneficial due to a lowered incidence in suicide attempts.  verses the drug-treatments that are known to increase the risks for suicide.  and why in later years, shock therapy has had a resurgence, seeing as most doctors prefer to avoid the lawsuits.  apparently, though – one of the more obvious side-effects from shock therapy, wants to stay in the closet.

which means we are having neurosurgeons go on TV and state how NORMAL it is for ‘some’ people to have “face-blindness.”  that the NUMBER they have for that, is 1 in 50.  that’s a LOT of people.  you’re talking, in the United State alone, over 6 million cases of congenital face-blindness.  it’s a form of brain-damage.

honestly, if “face-blindness” were that common, you would have support groups peppered around like AA.  you would have “face-blindness pride” parades.  you would have a person in every church group, every school and classroom – with a stigma and facing taunts for their “slip-ups.” 1 in 50 is NOT a small number. 

the national mental health association reports that 20 million suffer from depression.  is it conceivable that 1/3 of depression patients will seek neuroconvulsion therapy?  (or what they are now calling “neurostimulation therapy” to give it a new spitshine)

well I guess that’s what they’re looking for.  at the tune of 100,000 new shock-therapy patients a year (as of 2009)*, we should hit that 6 million mark in no time flat.

*report of resurging popularity of shock treatment, by MSN -

excerpt, on known side-effects of shock therapy:


The greater concern is that of the long-term side effects, particularly memory problems. Surveys conducted by scientists and clinical staff usually find a low level of severe side-effects, maybe around 1 in 10.  User-led surveys have found much more, maybe in half of those having ECT. Some surveys conducted by those strongly against ECT say there are severe side-effects in everyone.

Some difficulties with memory are probably present in everyone receiving ECT.  Most people find these memories return when the course of ECT has finished and a few weeks have passed. However, some people do complain that their memory has been permanently affected, that their memories never come back. It is not clear how much of this is due to the ECT and how much is due to the depressive illness or other factors.

Some people have complained of more distressing experiences, such as feeling that their personalities have changed, that they have lost skills or that they are no longer the person they were before ECT. They say that they have never got over the experience and feel permanently harmed.

What seems to be generally agreed is that the more ECT someone is given, the more it is likely to affect their memory.


Monday, December 13, 2010

the road ahead: inflation and social security

you know, it’s strange that this is the second straight year of no inflation-based increase for social security.  and I find myself wondering what they base it on.

where do they get their numbers … because for myself, in the last few years the grocery store prices have gone up quite a bit –especially meat and produce.  where you once wouldn’t touch a tomato for more than a dollar a pound, now count yourself lucky if you find them on sale for 99 cents a pound.

toilet paper in the last 2-3 years has gone up at least 25%.  cat food, canned goods in general, frozen vegetables …. same story.  the only thing that has stayed close to the same is soda pop and snack crackers.  was going to say potato chips, but in the last year those have gone up to the point that I was wondering if we were having a potato shortage.

so it’s kind of weird …. not that I mind so much, because for the years that they DID claim we had anything from 5% to 15% inflation – I mostly noted the markets (as in, the supermarkets) putting on the brakes.  now it’s like THEY lost on property value and what-have-you, and are trying to make up the difference in pricing.

so offhand, find myself wondering where DOES the government get their numbers for inflation values?  is it from property values, then?  no inflation-raise because property …. as in land …is the same or less?  because wouldn’t that be a little retarded, when maybe 80% of those on social security don’t even OWN property?  that it’s not relevant at all in how the money is spent?

don’t get me wrong …. I figure I’m still ahead after all the raises I got when the groceries were NOT going steeper in price.  but it sure makes you wonder who’s at the reins. 

the cart is before the horse …. and I’m not sure if that makes an ass out of them or us.

Friday, December 10, 2010

to dress the King: France fights for equality

what kind of royalty do you think you ARE??? this woman in France is suing a daycare center for illegal dismissal.

the reasoning for this lawsuit, was that she refused to wear the uniform, required by all employees of the daycare –and the daycare of necessity, had to fire her. for not only did she refuse to wear the uniform, this employee also wanted to sport a costume every day, that covers her hands – a safety issue for sanitary (hand-washing) reasons.

in addition to these demands, this tireless employee decided her diet means the daycare center should be forced to build a second kitchen specifically made to fix her “cleaner” food.

then after her royal majesty demanded these allowances over the other employees, when she didn’t get them and was fired instead (because the owners of the daycare aren’t insane) --- her royal majesty elected to SUE the daycare.

the crux and most ridiculous thing of all, is that people have actually ALLOWED and taken this “jilted employee’s” lawsuit seriously … while many SIDE with her, saying she DESERVES to have these preferences at her job.

what kind of royalty is she? muslim.

Friday, October 10, 2008


the dow jones lost around 1500 points this week. see thing is, if congress had done their job right and created a bailout bill that would pass the house in the first place, then US markets might have shored up and prevented the current global meltdown.

so we screwed up big time.

and if that's not bad enough, our own news programs are lying to us to make light of the problem. HONEST TO GOD....

last night i was watching FOX NEWS and they reported that the loss on thursday put the dow jones at a low it hadn't seen in 5 years....5 YEARS! i don't think so. it was 12 years ago that i first saw the dow jones go over 10,000 points, and it hasn't dipped below that until now. but they are trying to say that we saw a low like this just 5 years ago. that's total bullshit.

so why are they lying? i don't know, but it kinda sucks that our media is going so far as complete fabrication to brush over this rather alarming state of financial crisis the world is in.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The United States never surrenders

there is so much going on in the world right now, that even the average US citizen is going find it hard to bury their head in the sand much longer.

today the market ended on a sour note, -372 on the dow jones, which for myself was expecting a negative and thinking that if it stayed around 300 or less, we'd be ok. but with it closer to a black monday of negative 372, i'm not sure. depends on tomorrow.

if dips low again tomorrow without a rally into the positive, then it's going to be bad. and since the US has bought into the market now, our country is invested in the outcome. haven't checked lately on the dollar, but do know that with last week's black monday, the dollar barely held out against the yen.

basically, the US is getting hit on a financial front. and for those that think this doesn't matter to them, that they are not invested in the market so who cares.....THINK AGAIN.

it's not going to help us if we have all the firepower and army strength in the world, but gee golly look at this....we can't even afford to go to war because we can't feed our soldiers. WE HAVE BEEN HIT.

and it's as much damage or more than when the tradecenters collapsed in a heap. if it doesn't pull out and up tomorrow, then i don't know. we might be put in a position that IF there is a world war III erruption, we will have to fight in order to keep our economy from completely bottoming out.

and i think that's how they have us by the balls once again. america is good at panicking and everybody decides to sell when they should hold fast. it could have been worse today, that's for sure. so will keep that in mind and cross our fingers....not only for tomorrow, but for tomorrow's tomorrow too.