Friday, December 10, 2010

to dress the King: France fights for equality

what kind of royalty do you think you ARE??? this woman in France is suing a daycare center for illegal dismissal.

the reasoning for this lawsuit, was that she refused to wear the uniform, required by all employees of the daycare –and the daycare of necessity, had to fire her. for not only did she refuse to wear the uniform, this employee also wanted to sport a costume every day, that covers her hands – a safety issue for sanitary (hand-washing) reasons.

in addition to these demands, this tireless employee decided her diet means the daycare center should be forced to build a second kitchen specifically made to fix her “cleaner” food.

then after her royal majesty demanded these allowances over the other employees, when she didn’t get them and was fired instead (because the owners of the daycare aren’t insane) --- her royal majesty elected to SUE the daycare.

the crux and most ridiculous thing of all, is that people have actually ALLOWED and taken this “jilted employee’s” lawsuit seriously … while many SIDE with her, saying she DESERVES to have these preferences at her job.

what kind of royalty is she? muslim.

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