Monday, December 13, 2010

the road ahead: inflation and social security

you know, it’s strange that this is the second straight year of no inflation-based increase for social security.  and I find myself wondering what they base it on.

where do they get their numbers … because for myself, in the last few years the grocery store prices have gone up quite a bit –especially meat and produce.  where you once wouldn’t touch a tomato for more than a dollar a pound, now count yourself lucky if you find them on sale for 99 cents a pound.

toilet paper in the last 2-3 years has gone up at least 25%.  cat food, canned goods in general, frozen vegetables …. same story.  the only thing that has stayed close to the same is soda pop and snack crackers.  was going to say potato chips, but in the last year those have gone up to the point that I was wondering if we were having a potato shortage.

so it’s kind of weird …. not that I mind so much, because for the years that they DID claim we had anything from 5% to 15% inflation – I mostly noted the markets (as in, the supermarkets) putting on the brakes.  now it’s like THEY lost on property value and what-have-you, and are trying to make up the difference in pricing.

so offhand, find myself wondering where DOES the government get their numbers for inflation values?  is it from property values, then?  no inflation-raise because property …. as in land …is the same or less?  because wouldn’t that be a little retarded, when maybe 80% of those on social security don’t even OWN property?  that it’s not relevant at all in how the money is spent?

don’t get me wrong …. I figure I’m still ahead after all the raises I got when the groceries were NOT going steeper in price.  but it sure makes you wonder who’s at the reins. 

the cart is before the horse …. and I’m not sure if that makes an ass out of them or us.

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