Friday, October 10, 2008


the dow jones lost around 1500 points this week. see thing is, if congress had done their job right and created a bailout bill that would pass the house in the first place, then US markets might have shored up and prevented the current global meltdown.

so we screwed up big time.

and if that's not bad enough, our own news programs are lying to us to make light of the problem. HONEST TO GOD....

last night i was watching FOX NEWS and they reported that the loss on thursday put the dow jones at a low it hadn't seen in 5 years....5 YEARS! i don't think so. it was 12 years ago that i first saw the dow jones go over 10,000 points, and it hasn't dipped below that until now. but they are trying to say that we saw a low like this just 5 years ago. that's total bullshit.

so why are they lying? i don't know, but it kinda sucks that our media is going so far as complete fabrication to brush over this rather alarming state of financial crisis the world is in.

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