Monday, September 22, 2008

The United States never surrenders

there is so much going on in the world right now, that even the average US citizen is going find it hard to bury their head in the sand much longer.

today the market ended on a sour note, -372 on the dow jones, which for myself was expecting a negative and thinking that if it stayed around 300 or less, we'd be ok. but with it closer to a black monday of negative 372, i'm not sure. depends on tomorrow.

if dips low again tomorrow without a rally into the positive, then it's going to be bad. and since the US has bought into the market now, our country is invested in the outcome. haven't checked lately on the dollar, but do know that with last week's black monday, the dollar barely held out against the yen.

basically, the US is getting hit on a financial front. and for those that think this doesn't matter to them, that they are not invested in the market so who cares.....THINK AGAIN.

it's not going to help us if we have all the firepower and army strength in the world, but gee golly look at this....we can't even afford to go to war because we can't feed our soldiers. WE HAVE BEEN HIT.

and it's as much damage or more than when the tradecenters collapsed in a heap. if it doesn't pull out and up tomorrow, then i don't know. we might be put in a position that IF there is a world war III erruption, we will have to fight in order to keep our economy from completely bottoming out.

and i think that's how they have us by the balls once again. america is good at panicking and everybody decides to sell when they should hold fast. it could have been worse today, that's for sure. so will keep that in mind and cross our fingers....not only for tomorrow, but for tomorrow's tomorrow too.

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