Wednesday, August 20, 2008


this is not "news between the lines".....this is sort of my own breaking story. honestly not sure about the right or wrong of putting what have found out and deduced in print.

this week, have been puzzled and going a little nuts with some new programming that appeared on myspace. turns out i didn't need to worry. the only reason i was having the problems was that my country designation had been set to "canada."

well here's the thing....while i was going bonkers trying to figure out the new coding on the blog, there were so MANY differences that it just didn't make sense and i honestly thought a hacker must have gotten into myspace.

but no, it's just because it's the coding for a different country. now, normally the change in coding for a different country would simply be a bit of javascript that modifies the language or characters.

will try to cut to the chase here, because if i start talking programming, most of you will fall asleep. but the xtml they have up for other country's blogs is basically coded to work as a broadcasting system.

they have fields in place that at a moment's notice can change EVERYONE'S blog (in other countries, not USA) into one single broadcast or blog. that and they can also use the coding they have in place to simply cut off all other countries from contact with USA myspace.

so with the way the world is turning....find it interesting that now canada is put on the list. up until two days ago, canada myspace and usa myspace were one.

makes you think.....

anyone that wants details on the differences in coding, or is a techie themselves, can leave a comment and i in turn will leave a comment with the details. but will just mention here that there are so many div fields on their blogs that it's unreal. and thing is, the code change is not just for their own blog, it's for every blog that country views.

so if we send a message saying "fuck you" that shows up on all their blogs, and say on my USA blog i have put up a poem on love and peace and think that's what everyone is reading. but the person from the other country would NOT see the poem, and would simply see the same "fuck you." (or the blog message of their choice)

starting to get the seriousness of this? heck at this point, they might be changing blog content right now, so other countries are thinking americans are saying one thing, when they are actually saying another....

aren't these fun times? god.....just makes me want to run off to australia and bury my head in the sand....

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