Thursday, August 14, 2008

it wasn't me! china, russia, and what next? russia is invading georgia.....but like didn't they own it once anyway when it was all the USSR? but right now it makes about as much sense as the US invading canada. now keep in mind, these days am getting most of my news from the JON STEWART show.....

but thing is....have picked up bits here and there. and china, god luv them, and everybody is enjoying the olympics.....HOWEVER....

china is becoming a real problem. i mean BIG. the world's economy is not going to survive their numbers. they just got too many fucking people. so somebody's going to have to drop a bomb on them. end of story. or we're all going to be in the crapper.

my guess is that north korea is going to draw the short straw on that one. russia is trying to build back up its strength, because as neighbors, they don't want to get overrun by 1.3 billion chinese. of course, if the job is done right, it will be more like 1/2 billion VERY ANGRY chinese.

what does that mean for us? well....prices will continue to rise for probably around 8 years, until our big boys can recoup some of their capital. then with population numbers down so the demand also decreases, lowering pricing, we should see some relief at the local stores and supermarkets.

one little drawback is we'll be missing out on the 3 billion a year china has been loaning us through treasury bonds. so taxes are going to go up, but we'll get to blame that all on the new administration. plus we'll have to pull back from what influence we have in the middle east and develop our own resources for oil, basically saying screw it to all the tree huggers. but gosh golly, they are the ones complaining the most about high food prices right now for their organic shit, and so need to learn the meaning of "trade-off."

the nuclear power plants are going to HAVE to be built, because with the electric we have right now being the largest cause of global warming, it's either that or we're all going to be under water. so suggest everybody forgets that movie back in the seventies, coincidentally called "the china syndrome."

if everything is done right, we won't need to panic and things should move along. because god knows, americans panicking are about the most obnoxious creatures on the planet.

and honest to wasn't me

one little side note:: it will be necessary to revoke the part of our law that automatically makes anyone born in this country a US citizen, in order to stop all the mexican illegals from procreating so widely. if we don't, we are going to be in the same boat as china, and how fun will that be, needing to drop a bomb on ourselves?

sorry if i sound like a monster, but anybody that morally objects to wiping out half of china, remember that these are the people that back sudan in the genocide of dafur. these are the people that made genocide in cambodia a reality. numbers on the planet need to be reduced, and THEY KNOW THIS. if we don't beat them to it, who do you think they are going to take out next?

right now they need us, but they are building up markets in africa and southern asia. it won't be that long before the US is expendable. at least we have human rights here. at least we believe in racial and religious tolerance. don't let those beliefs be our weakness, and consequently, our demise.

the only setback i see, as a possible happening, is if our "big boys" perceive more profit from playing ball with the big boys of china, with no regard to how much of the US will be overrun and destroyed. if that happens, you will see prices steadily increase indefinitely, and some disaster or plague will wipe out about a third of us, chinese will become a second or fist language and we will be laughing about the days we bitched about spanish.....and it might run even smoother, though our standard of living for those left will be very low, and you will be having dreams every night on what a weekend used to feel like.

So because of that, would just like to say, for any of our big boys out there, a little reminder.....number one: much of your profit is in US dollars. number 2, while the chinese are willing to work 7 days a week, 12 hour days at barely livable wages, how many of your sons and daughters are going to be stuck doing the same? number long do you think an alliance can last, and where will you hide?

as for our "leaders".....obama might make a good puppet, and mccain will side with whatever the big boys decide. so it makes no difference who we get. sorry but that's the truth and get really bored when someone tries to debate "who will be best."

it's not the end of the world.....far from it. but pull your heads out of your asses long enough to be prepared.

start finding ways to cut back on living expenses. everybody, i mean all of us in the US, need to stop living beyond means and stop putting ourselves into debt. it's all going to fall like a house of cards, and we're already beginning to see that in the housing market. time to tighten the belts, before there's nothing left to tighten.

these are going to be the good quit bitching about it and do what you can to at least make the future livable. and that goes for you "big boys" too....we all like our luxuries, but as far as i'm concerned, i don't care whether or not my coffin is satin-lined.

i know what i say is outrageous, and i know the prospect of going to war for war's sake "just doesn't happen these days".....but you just wait and watch....and remember, it wasn't me!


bring it on with brinker said...
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Anonymous said...

Very forthright views there Brinker, there are a lot of them.

bring it on with brinker said...

i don't am hearing talk about world war III just around the corner....which means we may not be able to stay out of as much trouble as i would like....