Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Call Beating the Bushes: Scientology's possible role in Psychiatric abuses

Oz …. dear, dear Oz …. what is your FAVORITE mechanism to “grow” ?

make your own need

carve your own disease and create your own cure? what is even MORE dastardly than that?

yes folks!

they’re 3 moves ahead!

it has been determined …. by a whopping board of ONE

that Scientology has been beating the bushes.

what is the BEST way to ENSURE membership? to GUARANTEE folks come flocking to the protection

of waiting arms?

You enforce, if not CAUSE the element that gets them flocking! now….

totally unsubstantiated

no evidence but this:

i nearly dropped in my drawers when i saw the headline! the BRAGGING rights:

“we have been fighting psychiatry and big pharma for 70 years!”


then why isn’t it DEAD? there are enough holes in THAT ship, that it should have sunk itself.

and so you get beating the bushes. not ONLY a probable beating of those bushes … i might guess a wager of PLANTING, GROWING …. and harvesting the bushes.

it’s the only thing that fits.

modern Psychiatric methods didn’t just come by its sinkable nature …. it was built to sink

the decoy duck

the question to their own answer. and so you get individuals that turn into multitudes

flocking to a grouping …. you create a “push” into the grouping that you wouldn’t otherwise HAVE.

yep. and what better WAY, than to PICK what KIND of members you WANT?

brightest and best

perhaps ones with even specific physical traits

you see ……….. Sheridan and ALL my family, friends …………. when i had ACCESS to the book “Dianetics” at a flea market 20 years ago: i didn’t buy and read Dianetics.

Because 10 years prior to THAT, i read Battlefield Earth. the entire series.


they are THREE moves ahead. Beating the bushes. THAT is why aren’t going “whole hog” on the anti-psychiatry work. selecting it all, not ONLY too carefully — but pulling their punches.

you know i have studied it all:

my conclusion is that the Church of Scientology has funded and guided the directions of Psychiatric care in the Western world and other countries, since Scientology beginnings in 1951. THAT the abuses, various forms of devised torture WITHIN psychiatric practices: were constructed by the Church of Scientology for the end goals of CREATING a market for their sister-branch CCHR.

THAT particular interest in establishing– or beating those bushes in Utah …. has been shown, and a reasoning for higher numbers of Utah-state funded psychiatric programs and Utah’s higher rate of psychiatric pharmaceuticals such as Prozac.

i submit my deductive evidence to President of the United States, Barak Obama ……..and the Legislature, as well as the court Justices within the Supreme Court. yes, that appears “crazy” …. but it puts their names as tags within this document and flags it.

acting as the ONE opposition to Psychiatric practices, CCHR places themselves in a position to defend it.

and THEN get groups such as Anonymous to PUBLICIZE Scientology in a “pulled punch” that does not effectively hit evident holes or weak-points. when i found CCHR also ADVERTISING Anonymous …… i knew the truth on that.

Scientology then set up the video, and smear campaign …. to close the trap. to usher those abused by Psychiatry into the net of their “protection” from such Awful creatures! how do i know?

because the trap wasn’t sprung sooner. all the HOLES for arguments AGAINST psychiatry have BEEN THERE all along. they didn’t just magically show up NOW.

yep ity yep yep yep.

Jesus H. Christ ……………. i don’t know what to do with any of you. BUT i find it ODDLY coincidental, that the SAME therapist i had years ago in salt lake, came back to work here within a MONTH of my signing up at mental health again. THEN she wishes to retire — and the DOCTOR …. the one BEFORE….just happened to come back to Salt Lake to live and be my “doctor” again.

yes folks ……. i’ve been giving them their “moves” to attack “psychiatry” …. pointing out the holes so they can pretend to go after them, and do so while pulling their punches just enough, to keep the industry and practice alive to create “more victims” of psychiatry which subsequently “flock” to Scientology when they are ready.

i by NO means assert that i am the ONLY one giving them information on exactly where the holes in psychiatry ARE. but they do that to make sure there aren’t any they missed while constructing it.


too convoluted to be believed? oh the tangled webs ….. but they aren’t my making. they are all Oz.

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